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Lab news: 2017

Here’s a running log of some of the major lab events of 2017 thus far:

  • PhD student Arjun Biddanda successfully defended his PhD proposal (5/17)
  • PhD student Evan Koch is participating in the NSF GROW program by spending a few months in Uppsala, Sweden where he is working in the lab of Hans Ellegren (5/17-7/17)
  • John gave a keynote at the Great Lakes Bioinformatics Meeting here in Chicago (5/17)
  • John served as an external examiner for the PhD of Jose Victor Moreno Mayar, a student of Eske Willerslev and Anna Sapfo Malaspinas in the GeoGenetics Institute in Copenhagen (5/17)
  • The SardiNIA/Progenia project had a paper led by Mauro Pala and Stephen Montgomery’s team published in Nature Genetics and the long awaited BAFF paper led by Maristella Steri and Francesco Cucca’s team was published in the New England Journal of Medicine! (5/17)
  • The search for a population geneticist in the Ecology and Evolution department is complete and we’re excited that Matthias Steinrucken will be coming this September to join our faculty! (5/17)
  • long interview article published by Quanta magazine featured John (4/17)
  • The lab enjoyed a visit from Erik Lundgreen, a PhD student with Peter Ralph, working on non-stationary isolation-by-distance problems (4/17)
  • We welcomed a new postdoctoral fellow Daniel Rice, who is part of the prestigious Chicago Fellows program! (3/17)
  • Evan and John’s paper on the impact of demography and selection on deleterious variation is out in G3. (3/17)
  • Joe Marcus and John travelled to the Gordon Conference for Quantitative Genetics where John gave plenary on their collaborative work (2/17)