Monthly Archives: January 2014

Wolf/dog genomes paper out


This last week we had our work on using wolf and dog genomes to understand dog domestication go to press!

Here’s a set of the relevant links to read more in depth:

  1. The main paper in PLoS Genetics.
  2. A nice paired perspective piece “How much is that in dog years” in PLoS Genetics from Greger Larson and Dan Brady.
  3. A great post from Ilan Gronau on how the multiple methods we used helped illuminate an overall picture of dog domestication.

And a big thanks to all the great researchers who contributed to this project, especially my former postdoc Adam Freedman who was first author on the project and colleague Robert Wayne who was the co-senior author with me.


Updated software and resources

A few maintenance items:

  • I have just moved the ENCprime software over to github and updated the link on the software/resources page.  This small piece of software computes a measure of codon usage bias for FASTA formatted sequences.
  • I also added to the software/resources a link to a github repository with several files that help reproduce the main figure of the Novembre et al (2008) paper as from time to time I get requests for some help along those lines.

And in lab news, there have been some nice developments: